My discord is getting the 1105 error

every time i start my discord it its getting the 1105 error! Screenshot_19|690x389 can someone help

Discord is not HTTP based, is it? In that case you cant proxy it over Cloudflare but you will need to change the DNS records to :grey:.

i dont know much about dns and proxys can u explain?

Hang on a second. Your screenshot refers to What are you actually trying to access?

discord app

So not your own domain?

In that case that is most likely a temporary issue with the site and you simply have to wait until it gets fixed. You might want to contact the site owner about it.

okay well thanks for your time and help i will be patient waiting it to work :slight_smile:

But it is correct, its not your site? You are trying to access, right?

yes i am

All right, in that case you can just wait until they fix whatever needs fixing.

alright thanks

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