My dashboard doesn't look like the help video

Why does my dashboard not look like the help video examples? My dashboard has no icons across the top of the screen. Only a sidebar. I am using chrome web browser.
All examples I see on youtube show a completely different layout to what I have. When I signed up (and paid) for cloudflare, I did it from this web browser. I have only ever seen cloudflare via a web browser. Is there a program/app for Linux/Windows that will give me the look and feel?
If yes - why is it not mentioned by Cloudflare when I go thru their signup process AND - where can I find it.
I am a complete novice but, I have been reading documentation since 1976 and this is (IMHO) appallingly organised. Obviously they expect someone with a great deal more experience than I. It seems to me that CF is not at all interested in beginners - otherwise they (and not their user supported community) would have dones something about it.
I don’t mind is they don’t want beginners. That’s fine. But, they should say so and not just take your money.


Cloudflare refreshed the UI and switched to a side nav. Is there a specific task you are trying to accomplish that you have a question about?

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Thank you so much for a swift and conscise reply.
I have been attempting to set up a simple reverse proxy for the past 6 weeks using a docker yaml of nginx proxy manager for a program called portainer. No matter who’s instructions/examples I follow via google and/or youtube - they all use the (what looks like simple) dashboard with the icons of what I now know to be the “old” cloudflare UI. Sigh.
I signed up with cloudflare because a number of the examples were using cloudflare and NPM. BUT, as I say the old UI.
I can’t get it to work. I won’t bore you with the details because, I have decided that all the examples will take a long time to change to the new CF side nav. SO, I will cancel/close my cloudflare and spend money I can’t afford (I am a pensioner) on the joplin cloud system.

I reiterate what I have said previously:- Cloudflare side nav is woeful, disconnected, the side menu changes depending on whims of the devs and one cannot “go back” to a previous menu/nav list with some items. There is no clear path or logic to some of it, I am speaking as someone who wrote some of the OS drivers for MP/M and a Bytecode multi-user runtime system for Durango Systems.
I really DO know a lot about documentation and User UI’s and this is just unfathomable to a newbie.
I wanted to setup a reverse proxy for my domain with SSL that would accept a connection and forward it to my portainer app on port 22300. But, I can’t do it.
Silly me? Probably.

Once again - thank you for your info.

Use origin rules to tell Cloudflare to connect to your origin on port 22300…

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