My customers cannot access my website from a specific network provider

My customers are unable to access my website from a specific network provider.
Since yesterday, 06/15/2023, several customers throughout Brazil are complaining that they are unable to access my website through the internet provider Vivo.
Using other internet providers the site is accessed normally.
Is there anything I can do?

dig and nslookup command output
image does not have any A/AAAA records, which why that specific domain appears inaccessible.

That domain is not on Cloudflare, but with United Domains.

That domain is on Cloudflare, and it resolves perfectly on multiple locations worldwide.

I would first check by moving the device that produced the dig outputs to another network than Vivo, and if the device works fine with the DNS resolution there, you will only have one option left:

As the problem can then be localized to Vivo (and not just to the device you’re using), you need to contact them (Vivo) and ask them to elaborate why they might be blocking the domain, as well as try to find a resolution with them.

The problem is outside of Cloudflare’s control, given that the domain resolves perfectly fine everywhere else.

@DarkDeviL Thanks for your response.

This domain is on Cloudflare and has DNS A configured.

The problem is in Vivo. I tested the site on several cell phones with Vivo’s mobile network and all had problems.
I tested with mobile network of other providers, and with other internets and everything works perfect.

If I’m connected to Vivo’s network and change my DNS to in the system’s network settings, the site loads perfectly. The problem seems to be in vivo’s DNS.

The vivo company is a giant company. Technical contact with them is very difficult. There is a bureaucracy and no one ever responds. I would like to know if there is anything I could try to do on my own.

Those two, are two different domain names.

Seeing as you’re referring to here again, although your screenshot shows, I’m thinking maybe you’re having some sort of an auto-correct error? is indeed fine with A/AAAA records, it is the other one that does not have any A/AAAA records.

All of this does mean that that it needs fixing within Vivo, to be resolved.

I unfortunately know this kind of situation very well.

Unfortunately, no, since you have no administrative control over Vivo’s network (and their systems), there would be nothing you can do, to fix issues these issues that lies within their (e.g. someone else’s) reach.

You can however suggest to the people that have the issues (e.g. Vivo customers), that they move to other DNS resolvers, like e.g. that you mention works fine.

That part could however be easier said than done.

My keyboard automatically correct to My domain is
Sorry for my error.

I’ve just done some tests and found that all domains ending in .cc are inaccessible on the Vivo network.

Thank you very much for your help and for the answers. I will try to contact Vivo again and again…

As an alternative I will buy a .com domain and make it available to my clients.

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