My Current website not working after add cloudflare NEW USER

IVE just used Cloudflare for the first time and my sit seems to be broken now!


“”“WEBSITE ’s server IP address could not be found.” “”"


“”" # This page isn’t working at the moment

*WEBSITE redirected you too many times.

  • To fix this issue, try [clearing your cookies] “”"

HAs anyone got any ideas how to fix. sorry bit of an amateur actually total noob lol.

What is the site? Are you still having this issue?

Sp much so I canceled it and used the Google DNS . I’m using to make site. Also thanks for taking the time to reply

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Yes still having and issue just simple email sign up site

For posterity, or in case you try this again @busybeemedia22, when you encounter the too many redirects error it is probably caused by a redirect rule at the origin server.

Ah, in that case, check out the #CommunityTip for quickfix ideas, it’s usually 1 or 3 in that list

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