My current hosting provider (UK2) is not responding to requests to change name servers to CloudFlare, any assistance please?

I am new to CloudFlare, I would like to sign up for the free option to route our web site traffic through the CloudFlare CDN. However, our current web hosting provider (UK2) is not responding to any of our requests since November last year. Is there anything way CloudFlare can help us with getting them to point our domain name to the CloudFlare DNS Name Servers?

Many thanks in anticipation!

I am afraid Cloudflare can’t do anything if your host is not responding. Only they control the domain.

What’s the domain?

Also, does CloudFlare offer hosting facilities? WOuld it be possible for you to host our site and we de-register the domain with them and re-register it with CloudFlare?

The domain’s registrar is Enom. You can contact them if your host does not respond. Also be aware that your domain expires in two months.

And no, Cloudflare does not offer hosting.

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