My contact form doesn't collect data in the first attempt

I made a website with React and Node.js, it was tested locally, everything ok.

But online, there is a bug in the contact form. When someone tries to send the data, the form at least in frontend works fine, but not in backend, because the data is sent but only in the second attempt.

I mean the first click on Send button, works fine, frontend shows the success message, but no message is sent. User has to make a second attempt to send the data.

Hi @marco.arias.mesia,

With the information that you provided us, I’m not sure if this issue is related with Cloudflare.

Could you please provide us any evidence that this issue is or might be related with Cloudflare?

You may want to consider to pause Cloudflare and test the form, to see if the issue still happens with Cloudflare paused.

Thanks in advance.