My Company can't access our Cloudflare Admin Account!

I’m the new CTO at our company which uses Cloudflare as our DNS provider, etc.
The previous CTO left the company. I have our admin account email and reset the password for Cloudflare.

When I try to log in, though, it requires 2FA or a recovery code - which none of us here at the company have, and no idea what authenticator app the authentication code is sent to.

If anyone in Cloudflare support monitors this - WHAT DO WE DO!

Contact support, they might be able to help you gain access to the account

Thanks but I neglected to add - to contact support, I need to log in! At least, that’s the only support link I found - does anyone know another way I can contact support without being logged in?

Email [email protected] from a valid email address

Thanks! I’ll give it a try!

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