My ISP is stating that they can only point NameServers to authoritative name servers - Cloudflare or ISP issue?

Hi All,

Catch 22 with ISP.

I am attempting to set the name servers for my domain parked at my ISP to Cloudflare’s nameservers. My ISP is stating that they cannot set the nameservers to the Cloudflare suggested nameservers and that they can only set the nameservers to Cloudflare`s authoritative records.

When adding a new site to the Cloudflare system system, the automated system presents you with nameservers to set as part of authentication, and in my instance the two below dns entries are listed:

My ISPs web app front end will NOT allow setting the nameservers to the above Cloudflare suggested nameservers. After an ISP ticket and a few heated discussions, their tech support are confident that the issue resides with how the Cloudflare system functions and they will not assist me to change my sites name servers to the Cloudflare suggested nameservers. They keep closing & resolving my support request with no assistance at all (2x tickets over the past 10 days).

ISP said that their system will only allow name servers that are authoritative. And that I should contact Cloudflare to set my sites DNS records back to the Cloudflare authoritative records.

So i’m stuck in a catch 22… How do I reach out to Cloudflare to change my site`s dns records to the Cloudflare authoritative nameserver records or, is my ISP simply just busshitting me and they should update their “legacy” system.

Or should I just go park my domain somewhere where I can get assistance?

can Cloudflare set the default name servers for my site to the default authoritative name servers ?