My cname records are still not found by DNS lookup tools

My client requested I add a CNAME record to his DNS settings. I did so 3 days ago with the gray cloud (DNS only) proxy status. But his CRM software says its still not added and I can confirm I don’t see any CNAME records for his domain when checking on DNS checker tools, I can’t even see the very old ones that have been there for a long time such as the one for www to go to his domain, even though www does work for his website.

What can I do to have these CNAME records show publicly so that his CRM software will allow him to continue with what he’s trying to do?

Are you trying to add a CNAME to the domain itself or a subdomain?

And what domain are we talking about?

I’m attaching my CNAME record. I think its to a subdomain right? Since it doesn’t leave the Name field empty.

Hey, are you able to share which domain this is about?

Additionally, on the DNS Settings, can you confirm that CNAME Flattening is not set to “Flatten all CNAMES”?

Note the bottom-most warning on here:

Yes, the domain is

I have this option selected under CNAME Flattening: Flatten CNAME at root. It’s the only option I see available.


That seems to be working correctly:

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Same as @Laudian, I see it working fine:

$ dig CNAME +short

Could you share links or screenshots to the tools that are showing it not working?

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I do not see it on these tools:

They all show a similar message like “No CNAME records found”.

Here is what my client was seeing when they emailed me earlier today:

You have created a record for, but you are looking for in your links.

Can you post a description of the record that you are supposed to create?

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My client sent me this screenshot with instructions from his CRM:

And gave me these details by email:

hostname: pm-bounces

And here is the error message he is getting (from my screenshot in my last message):
We couldn’t find your Return-Path record. Go back to your DNS provider and double check that the hostname is set to pm-bounces. If the hostname and value look good, then it might take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate. We’ll keep checking automatically and let you know once it’s verified.

As @Laudian alluded to, you where looking at records for when you needed to look at records for @user23512. So with the WhatsMyDNS link you should search /dns-lookup?

This shows the same result as dig

% dig 300 IN	CNAME		86400	IN	A

That record is definitely working.
However, it seems to me that someone skipped a few steps in that guide. A custom return path is a fairly advanced part of a mail setup, and doesn’t seem to be configured to use postmark in any way, as I can neither see them in the SPF record nor even find any DMARC record.

Is even the correct domain that you should add the record to?

Anyway, without much more context, I don’t see any way to help you right now. I would recommend your client sends you a copy of the entire guide he is following, because there would have to be at lot of records to add if he wants to configure postmark to send emails as I suspect.

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I’m attaching the entire guide he had sent me. Does this help at all? It only asks to add two records.

Image 2

Have you added the second record? In previous posts it doesn’t show you’ve added the TXT record.

I cannot check whether you installed the DKIM TXT record correctly without knowing the name, but the CNAME record seems to be setup correctly.

I’m still a bit confused about what exactly this is supposed to achieve though. If this is actually a configuration to use the CRM software to send and receive emails, it seems rather minimal and, while technically correct, is likely to result in mails being classified as spam as there is no DMARC.

Yes I also added the TXT record, their software showed that one is verified. The issue is just with the CNAME record.

I can see the CNAME (as already mentioned and shown.)

And to confirm…

So it is definitely there.

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