My cname is not working

hello, iam new to all this stuff… sry if i don’t give enough info then needed…

i coded my site on an site called… to link the web it said i need to put a cname pointing at and some random letters and numbers… on the tutorial on how to link a url it said that i have to create a root and a www named dns thing and put the cname there… i did it but it didn’t work… i also waited 48 hours and checked again and i still can’t link the site… i don’t know what did wrong… can someone pls help??

my site btw… also note i tried changing cname a lot of time to try experimenting to get and working at the same time if it got anything to do with it…(should i wait more time???)


Unproxy the record in question.

you meant the cloud thing??? yea i made sure its not proxied (the cloud is grey)

So which record are we talking about?

its two cnames… one is @ and the other is www do you want the cname?

The www record is a proper CNAME record and the naked domain cannot be a CNAME record, hence it is flattened to an A record.

hmm? but i made an another site and it worked… idk why this site is not working… when i try to link i get an error saying DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to fully synchronize. Feel free to check back later. while i alr waited 2 days but on my first site i were able to link it rlly fast… also i followed this tutorial btw :-Replit Docs - Hosting web pages

did i do something wrong??

As mentioned, the CNAME record is in place - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

sooo i did something wrong while doing it? if the cname record is working then ig its a mistake on my part?? should i go recheck everything?

Probably, but you best check that with your provider and what they exactly want you to set.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, everything is set up.

alr thanks! i will go check every thing again… i will redo everything probably anyway thanks!

uhh i did everything correct(i checked) but… sitll iam getting the error " DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to fully synchronize. Feel free to check back later." what should i do?
iam soo confused why this is happening

That’s not an error, that’s simply pointing out that changes to records can take some time.

hmmm soo should i wait a day mora and try again?? like i alr waited 48 hours…

Wait for what? Your CNAME record is properly set up.

back… (Cloudflare said i gotta wait 22hour more to reply…rip ) if i don’t have to wait then… why am i getting this error?

i think i have done every thing correctly…
didn’t i?

As I mentioned

You need to clarify with your service provider where they expect that CNAME record. Then you can configure it accordingly.

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soo i did something wrong ig… but i checked and did the tutorial again. but idk itwhy it doesn’t work… anyway thx for ur time ima just quit trying to get custom domain ;-;