My cloudflared tunnel does not work with wordpress

I have installed Cloudflare tunnel on a raspberry pi 4b with raspberry os 32bit lite. Tunnel works fine with some apps, I am able to access nginx, portainer, and open media vault through the tunnel. However, despite I can still see wordpress from local ip , I am not able access wordpress outside my network. I originally used cloudflare DNS, wordpress worked fine with it, I have not changed anything. Could anyone help me with this? Many thanks

What error are you getting

I have got a time out error.

(Attachment error.MHT is missing)

This site can’t be reached

**** took too long to respond.



What port are using using for wordpress. If you are using port 443 make sure your SSL is configured if not it will use port 80 so make sure the WordPress is listening to port 80 too. Which web server are you using

Sorry, but the correct advice here is to configure SSL properly, not to additionally configure insecure settings. Also, in a Tunnel context the whole setup is different anyhow.


I forgot to add a point

After that if the SSL is not configured properly you will get a error on port 80 like Web Server Is Returning an Unknown Error this will tell that SSL is not configured properl

Properly setup your SSL configuration

I think the problem could be with nginx. I get SSL through nginx. However, I do not think my nginx does port warding properly at the moment. I use docker for both nginx and wordpress. I have tried both ways with ingress rule, either using nginx port which is 80 or wordpress port. None of them works for me. Is there a docker nginx image that works well with cloudflared tunnel?

I have no experience with docker but what you can do is use a normal setup without docker and make it work with cloudflared tunnel using port 443 and then move it docker. Will help you to troubleshoot

Are you installing cloudflared as Docker container or just regular apt/yum package install?

Docker container networking can be a bit complicated if you don’t configure it properly, e.g. are you using Host networking or Bridge networking?

I have used regular package install.

How about this:

If you are using Bridge networking for your Docker container, host systems can’t talk to the container port directly (unless you performed port forwarding from your host to your container).

I understand now. Thank you.

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I will do that. Thank you

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