My Cloudflare With Clickfunnels | Speed Test Results Are Horrendous!

I’m getting awful speed test scores… I have a lot of images and a few videos on the landing page and 3 css font scripts. I’m using clickfunnels and Cloudflare.

I have toggled on a lot of the features that are supposed to speed things up for the website but there has been no change if anything & I think it has worsen the problem.

Can someone help me understand what I need to do with in my Cloudflare account in order to get the load speed to a good speed. [Preformatted text]( ![mobile speed test|690x472](upload://9XQdndPedHJ6OTuX90XmrW4QgqX.jpeg) ![speed test|690x337](upload://3mdmvZFJNioQ8hE6zBWdHl2rujX.jpeg) ![speed texts cloudflare|690x470](upload://wV7fxslHMjrYpDBFn5mkx31vDQp.jpeg)

Hi. We can’t see the images, because they are put in a code element. Are there backticks (these things: `) around the Markdown text to embed the images when you try and edit the post?