My Cloudflare setup seems to not be working

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My Cloudflare setup seems to not be working. Transfrom Rules don’t work and Tracking data appears incorrect.

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  1. Check, Re-Check Config
  2. Searched docs
  3. Checked registrar

Hi there,

You need to proxy the records you want to apply rules to (and other features for that matter).
Proxy enable - orange cloud

Take care.

Odd. I have another domain with the same DNS records not Proxy’d and everything appears to be working for that as expected.

Does that make any sense?


Hi there,

That one is proxied:

The other one is not:

Take care.

Word up!!! Thanks so much for your help!!!

I think I found the difference between my (2) domains … has an AAAA record that is proxied to Cloudflare does not (and as you mentioned) its A record is not proxied

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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