My cloudflare page cache incorrectly

My cloudflare website domain is

and it’s CNAME origin domain is

My question is, when I visit this deleted blog :

It still could be visited, and I visit origin source:
It return 404, this is right.

I suspect it is my chache rule, but I purge all cache, still works.

Wish someone could help me.

Hi there,

It’s outputting a 404 from my end as it should:

Try flushing your local browser cache and see if it solves your issue. Also note that you’re only able to force a purge on the edge, not the browser, and since you have browser TTL set for 3 days, this would mean that the content cached by the browser will remain in the browser for 3 days, regardless of purging the edge cache or not.

Take care.

Yes sir,
This is confused.
curl returns a result diffrent from you, and it not browser.

Could you check the Couldflare’s Singapore node?
I found out singapore region cache this page, and others not.

The page is be deleted now, so confused.