My cloudflare domain is for sale on other domain sites EVEN THOUGH I BOUGHT IT! help?


I need assistance from someone who works at Cloudflare. I own a domain a purchased through Cloudflare over 3 weeks ago, and its live and attached to my website. However on goddady, the exact domain is showing its for sale. And its not even a brokerage fee sale, I am able to add the domain to cart and actually process a checkout payment. I brought it to Godaddys attention, they told me to contact Cloudflare. This is extremely strange, i dont even understand how that is possible.


What is your domain?

leadcroft dot com i have it redirecting to www lead croft dot com

I don’t see it for sale. Cloudflare, Verisign (the .com registry), and GoDaddy all show it as registered and expiring on 2023-12-09.

I do see this on GoDaddy

This just means that if someone wants to buy the domain, they can make an offer for it.
Are you seeing something different on GoDaddy?

Yes thats exatcly what i saw, why is it saying buy now then! thats what threw me off… when you press buy now it takes you to checkout… To be honest i didnt notice the auction details… So does this mean someone can in theory claim a won auction if they choose to buy it, and when auction date experies its up to me to accept it or not? Forgive my ignorance

So I skimmed the Auctions FAQ and it is basically a way for people to sell domains which are currently registered and you have to put it up for auction. If someone makes a bid on your domain then I imagine GoDaddy will tell you and see if you want to sell but they can’t force you to sell.

From the page

Offer not accepted: Sellers aren’t required to accept an offer, and the highest or only offer submitted doesn’t automatically win when the auction expires. If the seller doesn’t accept or counter your offer within 7 days, the offer is no longer valid.


It appears to be just GoDaddy that are listing this, other registrars aren’t and Whois says it’s registered. I’m unsure why they would ask you to contact Cloudflare about this, Whois clearly shows that it’s registered with Cloudflare.

thanks for clearing that up. I panicked when i saw it. Im at peace now haha

yes i am unsure too it was strange

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