My Cloudflare dashboard in cPanel is in "refreshing" status and not showing anything

Hello, I have a problem with my domain I am no more access to my Cloudflare dashboard on cPanel. I was able when I did my settings and after that all is in “refresh” state and not able to see my data (domains, seettings, analytics…). Can you please help me? My hosting provider is not helping me.

Thank you very much for your reply!


I see from your name servers that you’re using VHosting, and that they control your Cloudflare access.

I’m afraid Cloudflare can not fix this connection error because of this. Your host needs to cooperate to resolve this.

OR, you can deactivate your Cloudflare integration in cPanel and set up an account directly here and use Cloudflare name servers.


Hello!! Sorry for the delay in my reply, but I live in Italy!!
I thought it was related to my Hosting, so I will use your message to “force” them in finding a solution. Otherwise, I will try what you suggested.
Thanks so much!!

Have a nice day! :wave:t2:


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