My Cloudflare cannot make payment using PayPal

After I was reminded that the bill was overdue, I went to make the payment, but I could not make the payment through PayPal, nor could I delete this payment method

Hi @xichuang10 when a payment fails, we recommend you contact your bank to discuss why.

What error do you get when you try to delete the payment method? Have you tried to leave it in place, add a backup method and then attempt to remove the existing method? I suspect you cannot remove the payment method as you have active subscription(s).

Please note that once a payment fails, we automatically retry the payment 5 times over a 5 day period. This means that from the moment that the first payment attempt fails you have 5 days to resolve any issues with your payment method. If your payment is successful during this time, your paid service will continue uninterrupted.

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