My Cloudflare and GoDaddy IP addresses are different

Also, I am facing this issue called HTTP ERROR 500 Page isn’t working

Here is the ip address image

Well, the currently configured address works as well, however if your host has changed the address, simply update it on Cloudflare.

In general, your site is currently loading fine →

If you get a 500, that will have been an error on your site and you best check the server logs for that.

well i can’t even log on my wp-admin tab

In that case you may want to pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and check any server issues.

Also, make sure your encryption mode is set to Full Strict.

And yes, it is a server issue.

$ curl -I --connect-to ::[YOUR_SERVER_ADDRESS]
HTTP/2 500

well, I pause the Cloudflare and the encryption mode is Full Strict. And changed the address to Godaddy’s IP address. Now, do I have to wait?

You need to fix your server, contact your host for that, Cloudflare is not involved here.

Well, I contacted them they said “you need to change your domain hosting to Godaddy is domain hosting”.

Yeah, that’s their usual excuse, maybe change to a better host, but as that’s an issue with your host, only your host or web developer can fix that.

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Ok, thanks for answering. I think i need to contact my web developer

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