My Cloudflare account is hacked Please help

I was locked out, my gsuite same and they activated the 2fa and now i dont have access,. Please i need help someone. i had to signup with this email.
Someone help Please

Hi @delsenigeria,

Have a look at this post for help with recovering your account with 2FA. You will likely need to contact support with the account information listed in point 6 of that tip:

Once you regain access, make sure you reset the password and API key. I would also recommend enabling 2FA yourself once you get back in.

the hacker already activated my 2fa on his side cos i tried it when he was a minute away to it and saw it enabled before i was diabled.

I CANNOT LOG IN LET ALONE Changing the 2fa. i am totally logged out and no access at all.

Which is exactly why I referred you to the 2FA article to recover access to your account by getting 2FA disabled, so you can log in with a password reset. Then I specified Once you gain access, these are the steps I would recommend…

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