My Cloudflare account has been suspended

I created a forum, just for testing and just for friends, using only Cloudflare services (pages and worker) as an experiment.
I left it unattended for two days and ended up discovering that someone had posted illegal videos and photos. Photos and videos are hosted on imgur.

Today I woke up receiving an email from Cloudflare informing me that my account was suspended and that the case would be analyzed. I thought it was rash and unfair on the part of Cloudflare, because, even though they were illegal, the images were not hosted on Cloudflare and it was something sent by an external user without my analysis.

The Cloudflare Community is unable to assist with Trust and Safety issues. You will need to follow the instructions that accompanied the email.


I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but I really wanted to leave here the link to the file that possibly caused my account to be suspended, so you don’t think it was something heavy. It was an ordinary recording of some girls but in a few frames (inside of thousands of frames) that left her breasts a little exposed.


A video as simple and innocent as this one resulted in my account being suspended. Without prior notice, without redirecting the report to me so that I could take action. Additionally, imgur is hosted on Cloudflare as well, why not take down imgur? because the file was always hosted there and I never hosted it.

And the worst, the file is still online.

I understand it is frustrating but said, this community can not help with Trust and Safety. You’ll have to reply to the email you received.


Even if it doesn’t make any difference, for the record here my disappointment that Cloudflare suspended my account without warning and without opportunity to correct the problem due to a User-generated content

Hmm, are you sure? It looks like imgur .com is hosted with fastly and the images served by amazon.

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