My clips can not stream in HD quality?

Hi All,

I am just upload few videos, but it could not streaming in HD quality.

Why the system can not streaming video in HD quality? Cloudflare could be support streaming HD video?

Thank you.

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Same Problem here,
Stream without HQ is useless.

The Videos looks like a 480 Stream

It’s a little unclear to me as well. My obstacle was there was (is?) a 5GB limit to file size, so I had to upload a lower quality video. The Dev docs make it seem like you can go 1080p:

I dont understand why Cloudflare started like newbie programmer in this project. Stream encoder in backside only read video hight resolution and encode with that information. But true encoder is using width resolution.

For example Cloudflare encode looks your video height. if your video resolution is 1920x900, Cloudflare encoders thinking…

“hmm. height is lower than 1080. So this video is not 1080P.” lol this system is not clever.

It only based on Euro PAL resolution.

But there are many resolution settings for example;

Widescreen NTSC
Widescreen PAL

This system useless for this settings. Older version better than this.