My client's domain registration has expired, but they don't have access to the cloudflare account

My client has lost touch with the person who registered their domain name on Cloudflare. The domain has now expired, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to re-register it.

I’m unable to contact support about it because I don’t have access to the domain (it’s on another person’s account).

Does anyone know what is the correct path in this situation? Thanks in advance!

Are you absolutely sure the domain is registered with Cloudflare, and not merely using Cloudflare’s CDN services? Can you mention the domain in question so we can confirm this?

If you know the email on the account used to register the domain you can use Otherwise you can use to send an email to that address.

If you don’t own the account and can’t get back in touch with the owner then you may be out of luck but it likely depends whose name the domain was registered in. Only Registrar Support and/or Trust and Safety can address that via the login help form above.

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You can always try to contact the user who has registered a domain through:

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