My client's DNS points to Cloudflare but we don't have access

I have a new client (I am a web designer). I am in the process of submitting the site to Google Search Console, and I would like to create a domain property instead of just verifying one url. To do so I need to verify via DNS. She gave me delegate access to her GoDaddy acct, and the nameservers are pointed to Cloudflare. She does not have nor was ever given access to a Cloudflare account. I also have spoken with her original web designer, whom has no idea of how the site was added to Cloudflare, and has no account with them.

I have submitted a credentials request with the owner’s email and my email, and we have not received any response. (most likely because whoever set it up did not list her, so I can understand this) But if the site URL on Cloudflare is and her email as [email protected] I was expecting some kind of response? None so far and it’s been 2.5 weeks.

How do I login. I need to get into this account & copy the DNS as a backup so that we can take it off of Cloudflare and keep her email running smoothly. I don’t want to change the DNS in GoDaddy and just ‘hope’ for the best. Thank you for any advice!

At this point, it’s easiest to give up on that Cloudflare account. You can set up a new one and re-add all the DNS records. Or just use GoDaddy DNS.

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Hmmm. I’ve never dealt with software that is held in such high regard but has no support. I will never use Cloudflare again, but I appreciate the response. Thanks.