My clients cannot open or browse my website

Hello, your support is not as we knew you before. The orange cloud has been extinguished. And he worked in the morning for several hours or 8 hours. Now the problem is back. Any customer cannot view or browse our website unless he takes several steps, which is to go to the phone’s browser, privacy, enable dns, and then the site will work. I can do this, but the average customer does not make sense to force him to do this while he can browse all global sites or any website. We talked and the problem is still there. This problem occurs in Android phones. Can someone here help me?


Of course, we would like to provide help to resolve your issue! :slight_smile:

I may have some questions for better understanding the situation, kindly review below:

May I ask, do you have some mobile sub-domain for your Website or maybe some mobile redirection?

Meaning, it’s not anymore :orange:, rather now it is (or it was) :grey: cloud?

Does your mate use Cloudflare Access / Teams, or not?

May I also ask which Web browser on a mobile phone?

That’s a bit strange.
Sounds like either an HTTPS (SSL) issue, or some Firewall blocking, or either the “mobile redirection” issue.

Furthermore, may I ask what is your domain name so I could try to open it and provide you with any useful feedback information?

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Chrome browser. Also my website and sub-blog. Nobody can open it. Two days ago, we didn’t get help from the hosting provider, not even Cloudflare. Even though we have a Pro subscription and a dedicated certificate for them.

Don’t forget this:

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The problem is that it is difficult to publish the site here, it will be archived. We don’t know if the hosting provider has been hacked or if the problem is with Cloudflare. We separated the orange cloud proxy. And the same problem.

Dear all,

Our problem in our country only when user in our country set dns to website working fine, else website not working on our century public dns

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