My CDN issue, my website speed

Hi sir how are you,

actully i have an issue with my website speed, i have confgure clodfalre CDN already but i see in Gtmetrix cdn low isssue. and my website speed is not good. i am worry how to optmize my website speed. can your please help me to solved this issue. you can check beloew issue images.
My website:


Thank you for asking.

That’s the external and 3rd-party resource from Google AdSense / Ad network and not related to your domain which is using Cloudflare.

I am afraid you cannot do something about it.
Neither Cloudflare cannot help you here as far as Google Ad services aren’t using Cloudflare. If really worried, I’d suggest you to contact Google AdSense support.

Nevertheless, it’s scored as “low impact” so I would care so much, even that’s a Google problem, if so.

It should only affect the visitor/user for the time needed to load and show the ads on your website → in case where user is not using some Adblock web browser extension to block all of them.

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