My card expired while out of town, and my configs are gone

Is this punishment for not having someone watch my accounts while gone? Hope they restore, I am not planning to rekey all the parms.

Email [email protected] then post the ticket # here


Funny, got number then an auto close as resolved…
Last a note that at my current subscription level no support was offered. Very backwards customer service!

Thanks to any/all for the help!

To have your service downgraded, you have received multiple emails that warn you of service disruptions if the problem isn’t fixed.

Continued payment failures may result in a service disruption. To avoid a service disruption, please take a moment to review and/or update your billing information. If you have not set up a backup payment method, consider adding one to avoid future payment failures.

If you were away, you should have taken care of this before it became an issue. At worst, you could have made a ticket with your paid account and let them know that you were not available to update the billing credentials on time.

It’s not a punishment; cards do not expire on a short-term basis. If you decided to leave this update for the last moment and your poor administration lost progress, the blame is entirely on you.

If they are gone, support isn’t going to handle it for you either :man_shrugging:.

I’m not sure if downgraded zones keep a backup of their old rules/setup. If they do, you might be lucky and get everything back without losing progress; I’m sure that somebody from the billing department can confirm this for us.

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Hi @user21149,
When you receive the auto responder, you just have to reply to it in order to re-open the ticket. I have re-opened the ticket for you at this time so that one of our billing specialists can reply to you directly.


I have some hope. Also I have choice to never grace Cloudflare with revenue. I did get 5 notices, one each day while out hundreds of emails were unread that week. No problems were expected. stop service for 14 days and none of this missing code would have happened. Source fell victim to bitlocker glitch before I sent to NAS for archive. More than one way to skin the cat. Will find out by end of week.

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