My cache status shows expired, but expiry date is in 2020. Help?

I have attached a screenshot below.
I just ran a scan and found that for a file, the cf-cache-status is showing EXPIRED. But right below it, the “expires” date is in 2020.
When I ran the test through a different server then it is showing cf-cache-status is HIT.
I am confused about this.
Can anyone please guide me? I am new to Cloudflare services.

Many thanks!!


The cf-cache-status header indicates the status of the cache within each particular Cloudflare node.

Each node has a separate cache and since it’s limited they make some resources expire when they haven’t been used for a while. You won’t be able to keep something in the cache for that long until it gets evicted if no one is requesting it.

I have rechecked the files and see that it’s a mix of everything - some are getting HIT, some EXPIRED and a few MISS. I understand that each node has separate cache. But is my result normal?

How do I maintain a good HIT status for cf-cache-status for my website files?

The files that are EXPIRED or MISS are taking really long time to load.


It’s normal. The only way to keep an high cache ratio is to simply have more traffic and/or less files requested. The less files, with more requests each will remain in the cache.

Also the expires header doesn’t really count as far as caching goes. Use the cache-control header.

To solve the long time to load it’s simply a matter of having a good server.

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