My cache is from LAX, but I hope it from TPE

From our testing, our site’s CDN source are from LAX or SG randomly, but I hope it’s from TPE, because TPE is near us.
The networking speed from LAX or SG to Taiwan seems unstable. It sometimes very slow.
It takes 10s to download a 5.8MB file. (Our competitor use Cloudflare, too and its CDN is TPE. It takes about 1s for the same file downloading.)
Here’s file URL
Our domain is

We found it cf-ray is 6deb4b2e5f157e82-LAX.
My request is from Taiwan, which is near to Taipei TPE instead of LAX.
How could I make the CDN server near to where the request is from?
I can’t find it from the Cloudflare setting.

Please help us.
Thank you.

I believe it has to be something with local ISP and it’s peering, if so:

Is it related to the plan? I use the Free Plan for this domain. On the other hand, my another domain is Pro Plan and it still directs to LAX.

The client browser on the same ISP to different domains but direct to different datacenter?
How does this happen?

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