My browser will not cache with Cloudflare settings

I read Browser Cache TTL" documentation and set my Browser Cache TTL to 2 months. But not matter the setting, my images show on my website as - cache-control = “public, max-age=0, must-revalidate”.

I don’t have an “orginal web server” as I am using cloudflare as my webserver (using workers). I tried to set a page rule, but because I am using a Forwarding URL rule, I was unable to “add a setting” to that rule. So I created a new rule page rule for Browser Cache TTL" to 2 months but this did not help.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Colin

Replying to my own, I got the setting to be 4 hours by setting up the caching configuration and adding a cache rule. So now my items show as "cache-control = “public, max-age=14400, must-revalidate”, however my browser is still not caching anything and the response for revalidating each item is 200 rather than a 304. Any ideas why cloudflare is giving me a 200 error even though my items are not being updated?

OK…I feel like a dummy now!! My network settings under developer tools was set to disable cacheing.