My blocked account by Cloudflare

Please I was login into my account on the British :uk: Army website but I got blocked without not realizing the mistake I committed. I was asked to email Cloudflare and explain everything to be unblockedbut all my effortsto get their email address have been futile and the one i had are the one one cannot email them.
Please I am pleading to look into this issue and help me to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you
Cloudflare Ray ID: 7e9d291c2a00033c

Who asked you to do this? Certainly not the page where you were blocked, as there’s no such message on that page saying you should email Cloudflare.

Cloudflare provides tools for website owners to protect their sites. But it’s up to the site owners to decide who to allow or block, and configure their Cloudflare firewall accordingly.

So if you think you’ve been blocked when you shouldn’t, you need to contact the site owner, not Cloudflare. Cloudflare cannot overturn the site owner’s configuration and allow anyone who has been blocked by the site owner.

Good luck!


Please this is what i was sent when he incident happened. Please what can i do?

The screenshot you shared describes what to do. It matches exactly the answer already provided.


Okay, thank you for your direction. Please can anyone help me with the email address of British or UK Army?

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No one here can help you with that. It has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

You may want to :search: search the internet.


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