My background is being cached and I can't remove it

IA day or two ago I updated my site to use a background image via a CSS Body style. I decided I didn’t want the image, commented it out of the CSS and when I went back to the page it was still there. I then deleted the entry from the css file totally, uploaded my web application (to SmarterASP) and tried again. Still the background image was there.

I thought I had found the solution when I used Cloudfare’s “Purge all cache files” button to ensure the link to the image was not being cached. Still no luck - the thing is still there and I’ve purged a couple of times now.

I’ve checked and double checked the time and content of the CSS file both in my code and on the SmarterASP server and I am sure all references to it have been deleted. The Google Chrome/Inspect element shows the link to the background image as being there (and derived from the CSS file ‘body’ element).

Anybody any ideas? Surely if it was being cached it would have been purged by now?

Could it be that your browser still has the page in cache? And did you try pausing Cloudflare for a moment, to see if your origin server returns with the expected response?

Many thanks for your response. You are absolutely right - the browser (Chrome) was doing the caching. I reloaded the page with no caching (CTRL-F5) and it worked fine.



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