My AS is blocked


For about a week, all http requests from my machine from my ipv6 address block of my asn are blocked.

Their requests no longer wait for the server at all, I do have a DNS resolution, also, I can always access my websites from the outside, which are protected by Cloudflare and are on my asn.

So I can no longer access any website that is protected by Cloudflare

Please let me know if I did anything wrong


Do you get an error message?
Is it only certain Cloudflare protected domains, or is it every Cloudflare site?
Do you operate the AS, or are you a regular customer if an ISP?

I have no error message, just that I have no response to my http requests, this is the case on all domains, and I have this AS only for my personal purpose (learning, trainnig ect)

I think I have your ASN. You have a single /44 IPv6, and it appears to be visible.

I would suspect a basic reachability issue to Cloudflares network.

What is your peering router?
From your upstream are you getting full tables, partial tables, default route, or partial + default route?
Do you have routes to AS13335?
Can you traceroute to

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