My articles out of date

After installing CloudFlair on my site, the article appears to be out of date, and new articles will not appear when accessing it.
I hope you help me

What’s the URL?
Iam content my host, but he send my this massage :
I cannot activate the cloudflare. I think you need to contact Cloudflare and ask them to re push the DNS so that the issue will be fixed.

It looks like you’ve added a Page Rule to set cache level to “Cache Everything”. You should turn that off.

Or you can use the Cloudflare Dashboard for your domain and Purge Everything from the cache.

Thank you… Iam going to fix that

Iam used w3 total… Where i found it!
You means browse cache??|250x500

No, in the Cloudflare Dashboard Page Rules section.

Thank you for help me, but i can’t found it

And if you click the matarees domain, do you get the full menu of options?

Yes found page rules… What after sir

Scroll down a little. Do you have any Page Rules?

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Ok sir… I add it of and iam remove the cache

Thank you very much

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Iam sorry … But the problem is back
My first page

Look to setting please… Can you see any problems??

Those are fine. Cloudflare is not caching your site. Check your server.

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