My .app domains won't display CSS, forces basic HTML. What's happening?


My 2 .app domains won’t display CSS, forces basic HTML. What’s happening?
Check out and - Both have a fresh install of WordPress on Go Daddy Hosting using Cloudflare for SSL.


Lots of Mixed Content. Here are some ways to fix that:


Still not working. I fixed the SSL not secure lock in the URL area of the browser by enabling Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and switched from Flexible to Full SSL. It now shows the site is secure, but I now I have another problem… I get a splash page on both sites ( and that says “Future home of something quite cool.” which blocks me from being able to login to the wordpress admin area which is currently on both of these domains.

I also have no idea how to implement #1, #2, or #5 on your list above, it’s beyond my technical ability. Is there anyone at Clouflare that can help me troubleshoot this?


Unfortunately that means that your hosting doesn’t support HTTPS. You need to set your Crypto settings to Flexible while you contact them about adding an SSL certificate or enabling the one they have on your domain, only after this you can switch back to Full (Strict). This should fix most things.

This may not be needed, but can fix the final issues if there are some remaining.

This absolutely not, if that’s beyond your technical ability you can either study on the topic (it’s not really complex, but one needs to be careful) or hire someone that is technically able. Neither Cloudflare nor this Community provide this kind of service.

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When you say contact my host about adding SSL certificate why would I need them to do that if I’m getting a free SSL certificate from Couldflare… that is the reason why I’m using Cloudflare. GoDaddy charges for their SSL so I came to Cloudflare because they give me one for free. I’m confused. :-/


Will post here two Tutorials which will explain both issues: the “Future Home of Something” and the Flexible/SSL on Origin.


Thanks for all the useful info! So far I managed to get the site working and CSS displays properly, after switching back to Flexible. Neither of these sites will have sensitive data, but I’ll keep this info in mind for other sites I have that might.


It’s not really an issue only when sensitive data is present, there are possible attacks even without sensitive data that can be way more dangerous than the sensitive data exposed.

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