My "Always use HTTPS" redirect was working a few minutes back, why isn't it working now?


My domain has Universal SSL enabled. I enabled “Always use HTTPS” option and I was trying to setup URL forwarding from to in the page rules, it resulted in infinite redirects, so upon failure, I removed the page rule. After that, when I visited the,, all of it went to the http version of the website - After turning the Development mode on and waiting for sometime, the behavior was such as this: goes to goes to goes to

I have a CNAME of www setup as alias of so it should go to and show contents of, but it’s getting redirected to How do I fix this? Also, I would want to go to, how do I achieve this in cloudflare level?

Update: gives a “Connection not secure” error message now.

Second update: and are in redirect loops now, I haven’t touched the settings at all.


Answered in your other thread.