My all websites are showing "Deceptive site ahead" and it has SSL certificate

Hi my all websites are showing Deceptive site ahead and not showing at all

All websites have not any pashing etc even 1 website have only coming soon page nothing else

There is something wrong with cloudflare SSL or compatability with my hosting namecheap i checked with hosting they are saying everything is okay from thier side.

I emailed and request to remove from blacklist to google many times but nothing happed.

I am stuck please help.
Thank you!

Google says those three sites are unsafe. There’s nothing Cloudflare can do about Google’s Safe Browsing status. And there are no errors with SSL:

is there any reason because i can’t understand i only did installed the fresh wordpress and installed a plugin and put a coming soon page on site i dont think there is any unsafe content etc

I am stuck i can’t understand why this is happening i am stuck.

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