NOT Working - please help

I added an A record for that points to IP When I navigate to the IP address in a browser, I get the site to come up. However, when I use the FQDM it does not work.


Does not work

I am hosting this site on a Windows 2019 server with IIS. Not sure what I’m missing and would appreciate any help you can give me.


Check your IIS access logs, is the server being hit at all by Cloudflare?

Follow these steps please.

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Your server does not seem to be configured for HTTPS ->

@sandro can I use the Cloudflare SSL CERT for my server? If so, how? Or do I need to purchase one externally?
(anything free would be great for me at this early stage of the business)

Yes and no. The certificate on the proxies cant be used but you can have a free Cloudflare Origin certificate issued. Otherwise you can also use any other publicly valid certificate (paid or LetsEncrypt).

@sandro that did it. Now my site is resolving with https. Thank you for that :+1:t3:
So based on this, I added two more subdomains ( and exactly the same as the original They are all hosted on the same IIS server, all 3 share the same Cloudflare Origin certificate but “core” and “api” are not coming up. Any ideas?

You need to redirect http to https for both subdomains.

Both are loading for me. I presume you fixed it in the meantime, right?

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