My account

I am unable to access my account, i was told my dns settings are being managed through cloudflare but i cant find them, I cant even find my domain record.

What’s the domain?

That domain is using Cloudflare name servers. Have you tried typing in that domain name at if you click the “Forgot my email” link?

Ive just tried, doesn’t recognise my web address when entered as

I don’t recall opening a cloudflare account, I’m sure I got the domain from

Not sure what I’m meant to do?

Are you able to give me the nameserves/dns settings do I can transfer this over to tsohost please and manage my domain from there?

Kind regards


A quick fix is just to change the name servers at your Domain Registrar so they point to where you host your site. Your host should be able to get you up and running after that.

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