My account was suspended more than 2weeks ago

i tried to submit a ticket, cloudflare answered me with this message:

" Please note that your request with Technical Support has been closed as our Trust and Safety team will need to follow up directly." "

I’m pretty sure that because i did not the biling verification, i saw the mails after 4 days, the last one was “Your cloudflare account was suspended”

i can’t use my domain, i have to work with team of friends on it, we waited 2 weak and still nothing happened

Ticket: #3140993 and #3119967

Opening multiple tickets is going to do you no good. Trust and Safety won’t see those.

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I opened another ticket because support doesn’t give any news after closing the ticket, there are literally a little more than ten days elapsed between the response from support telling me that the “Trust and Safety” team would take care of my problem and today, no mail or other when all I ask is a link granting me the possibility to verify the payment information and recover the domain name acquired on cloudflare.

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