My account was deleted

My account was deleted, my domain still points but i cannot login to account with the email and password i used to create it. I created another account with the same credentials but didn’t get the website. Looks like my account got deleted and dns is still active. I cannot change it from registrar side as it says the dns is same. Help, check logs for my website please.

Can you share the name of the domain?

It’s not possible to create two accounts with the same credentials. You have a typo in the credentials you first used to create the account. Did you receive an email confirmation when you first created the account and/or updates along the way indicating your nameservers were confirmed?

EDIT - Nameservers are not set, so you’d not have received a confirmation email, but perhaps one indicating your domain is pending the nameserver change?

But my site works and shows a cloudflare cert

Ok i understood, but my registrar is still showing the old ns, that confused me

I did not check the certificate, but the nameservers were confirmed for the first account on 1/18 and the domain was deleted from that account two minutes later.

Nameservers that are showing correspond to the NS entries you have on the DNS app of the cloudflare dash in the first account, Once you regain access you can delete those two records. Your registrar needs to set the nameservers to correspond to the two that are assigned.

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