My account seems empty?


I have had issues with my Cloudflare account for months, and somehow I locked myself out after signing up with an email address from a domain I then transferred I couldn’t access my 2-factor verification codes. Since then, I have changed ownership to a different email for login purposes.

However, I cannot see my website or registration details upon signing in to my account with the new user. The account seems completely empty.

Can someone help? Since signing up to Cloudflare, the customer service has been terrible for me.

Many thanks,



Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue :confused:

Did you confirmed and activated your new e-mail address assigned to your Cloudflare account?

Did you added yourself as a “member” maybe to your 1st or 2nd CF account, just in case you could manage your domain(s)?

Kindly, may I ask if you’ve written some e-mail or created a ticket to Cloudflare Support regarding your issue? :thinking: @cloonan

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Closing as your other thread has been addressed: