My account is not working on cloudflare

Hi there
I was using Cloudflare with a pro subscription. The account was working ok, till last night I woke up and saw that Cloudflare deleted my account without any confirmation the only thing that I had was an email from Cloudflare that says: We are sorry your professional plan has been canceled.

But the problem is Cloudflare deleted the entire account instead of removing the Professional plan. I have re-registered a new account
(with my previous Cloudflare email since it was deleted). But now I cannot add my website to it. I get the web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time error.

After 24 hours the email support didn’t answer at all and my website is left unprotected.

Hi. Well, Cloudflare does not delete accounts randomly. Most of the times, it’s due to ToS (Terms of Service) infringement. Once those are violated, I suppose your domain is in a blacklist and we – community – can’t do anything.

If you’re sure that you used a valid credit account, you used a valid and legit domain and you did not do anything illegal, you can try to contact the support team (that might require more than 24 hours to answer to your request).



Thanks for the replay
We are a local online shopping website and if I did anything illegal, it’s my right to know what did I do?
and why did my account get deleted? but once I contacted support via email there were even not aware
of the account deletion they thought that i didn’t have any Cloudflare account at all!!!

Check the audit logs on Cloudflare and your emails.

I have no audit log since my account got deleted and as I have mentioned before the only email that I have from Cloudflare was about professional plan cancelation and right after that, my account vanished!

Here is the main question why the support email does not answer? I’ve been 4 days without getting any response from cloudflare. I thought ClouadFlare should be responsible for answering people’s questions. Again if I did anything wrong it’s my right to know that. It’s also my right what’s happened.

CloudFlare is a famous company why they don’t care about their support

@user13101 Re-check your email, sometimes support can take a while before they get back to you (especially if they are busy)!

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