My account is locked code 1323

I am trying to make changes to my account (add a new website, upgrade plans, etc) and I receive the following error: Make payments for your unpaid invoices to proceed. Your account is locked due to the unpaid invoices. (Code: 1323).

There are no unpaid invoices that are shown in my account, I unnecessarily updated our payment method incase it was failing (it wasn’t). I’ve made countless support tickets with no response; this is extremely disappointing and frustrating.

What can I do to expedite a solution as this is hindering our business’s progression?

also I can’t open ticket ???

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

The recent billing incident is still ongoing.

One is sufficient. More only slows things down for everyone.

If you already opened one, you won’t need a new one. Can you share a ticket number that you already opened? We can share that in an escalation request for you once you do.

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