My account is hacked

My account was hacked. I discovered a day ago that my account had been logged in several times through messages sent by Cloudflare via e-mail about when I was logging in. I was not the one who logged in, and I confirmed through the IP addresses that they did not belong to me or to the country in which I live. This means that someone obtained my password and email. I have never shared my account with anyone except for the ezoic control panel, and based on the actions of the account hacker, I discovered that all my Proxied domains are being redirected 301 to nkbihfbeogaeaobhlefnkodbefgpgknn*.com
After a lengthy search into the account, I discovered that the hacker added 3 301 redirect rules in the name of vz to nkbihfbeogaeaobhlefnkodbefgpgknn*.com
On each of my domains

At the moment I have canceled all forwarding rules without deleting them and changed my account password.
What should I do next and how can I avoid having my account hacked again?

You should follow


this url is not working

This page isn’t working* redirected you too many times.


That’s unfortunate. All the Account Security section articles go into a redirect loop. Wayback machine has it, though:

This is interesting I think the same happened to me

Are you getting emails from Cloudflare discourse