My account is compromised

I have 2 cloudflare accounts, this one and “”
I had 2 domains in there, one bought with cloudflare, I can’t regain control of the domain:, so what do you need to regain control of the domain?

I don’t know how they did it but they changed from “one email address” to another address and I didn’t get any notification that if it was me who changed it and maybe confirm with the link.

None of this, now I have a domain registered to me and that someone else uses it for who knows what surely illegal purposes, please at least disable the domain, ask me everything documents you need to disable it or to transfer it to the account (recreated) "email addreess

Thank you
and sorry for my english

Normally you would need to move your DNS to a new Cloudflare account. Since this domain uses Cloudflare registrar, you will need to open a support request from your Cloudflare dashboard. Share the ticket number here so we can escalate it.

I encourage you to implement 2FA on all of your accounts that support it. If you have a security device like a Yubikey, it is the best option. TOTP is another good choice. It is important to safely store recovery codes. Be sure to use 2FA on your email, too.


Thank you for answer me.
the ticket:

Sure for 2fa
Thank you

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I submitted the ticket for escalation. You should receive a response on that request at some point.


thank you!

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