My Account is Blocked. I Need to Unblock it


Last night, my account’s DNS stopped responding. I tried nslookup, it got no result as if the website does not exist. I made sure it is not DNS settings. Then, I tried to register a new website, and I can’t even see the registration form. I also can’t add zones telling me I should email [email protected].

I did send the email, with no reply. How can I unblock my account? Or, is it blocked in the first place? Since I depend on Cloudflare for almost everything I do for my company and clients.

Thank you

I have also received credit memos for 4 domains in my account, one of them is the one with the issues. I have no idea why

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Community members cannot assist with Trust and Safety issues. You will have to wait for them to repsond to your email.

Sir, is this at all related to the incident going on regarding payment issues and registration?


Only Trust and Safety knows. You can only wait for their reply to your email.

Thank you sir

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