My account has been verified by stripe, but it is still in block state

In the past 2 weeks, I have contacted Cloudflare by email many times and there is no reply, I don’t know what can i do next.

My account has been verified by stripe 2 weeks ago, and I recently updated my credit card information, there is no doubt at all, my account should be back to normal.

But it is still in the block state, which has seriously affected my personal business,
please restore my account to normal as soon as possible.

Where do you see that your account has been blocked?

I cannot open the domain name management page and registe page, and I see “your account has been blocked “ in http requests when open the chrome debug console.

Is this on the Cloudflare dashboard or somewhere else?

On Cloudflare dashboard

What does Stripe and Cloudflare have do with your account? Cloudflare main plan is free. If you upgrade and then cancel you go back to free unless you own a lot of money to Cloudflare?

I don’t know why Cloudflare send me the stripe
Link , but I passed the link check and no body going on to solve the problem of my account

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