My account has been suspended

For a few days I have changed hosting and I have put my addresses in safe cloudflare and it will work for 2 or 3 days but since yesterday I have an error your account is suspended; so I have given the hosting dns and it works, but when I submit the cloudflare one I have the suspended account error, what should I do? please…
the domain :

Cloudflare suspended something or your host? In the latter case you have to contact your host.

Whats the domain?

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Hello Sandro
the domain :

That domain does not point to Cloudflare.

Yes I know when I point the domain on cloudflare I have this error, so I put the hosting dns to fix the problem temporarily

Cloudflare currently does not know about your domain. You seem to have switched your nameservers recently very often and I presume - if your domain was on Cloudflare - Cloudflare removed the domain for that reason.

You’d need to add your domain from scratch, assign the nameservers you are given, and keep only these nameservers.

I just put the dns cloudflare so that you see the problem

Yes, now you did. Keep the nameservers that way and you should be good to go.

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I think you are lucky, since yesterday I have an error and it works again, I will test for 24 hours.
thank you very much for your answers…
best regards


Your site does load. Be that directly or via Cloudflare. It loads extremely slowly however. That is because of your server, which takes forever for each single resource. Only the main document is in the range of 7+ seconds ->

For that issue you need to contact your host. They need to sort out that performance issue. Your Cloudflare DNS setup however is okay now, dont change that any more.

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