My account has been suspended and we are migrating one of our sites to a new server this weekend

I am a new Cloudflare user as of about a month ago. Our company is in the process of moving about 15 of our domains from one hosting company to a new hosting company. The new hosting company recommended Cloudflare. I’ve completed 9 migrations so far and was loving cloudflare’s DNS.

Unfortunately our biggest site is scheduled to migrate this weekend, but I’m getting a notice that I cannot create new zones. This is when I discovered the suspension notice. Our sites are very mundane; all in the engineering, architecture, and the skilled trade service industry. I accessed Cloudflare on a trip last week from the Philippines. However, I migrated about 3 of the sites while in the Philippines with no issues.

Can I set up a new Cloudflare account to finish the migration and then transfer the domain back to the main Cloudflare account once this suspension/issue is resolved or am I just going to get in more trouble or look more suspicious. Not sure what to do at this point. I’m not getting any kind of response from Cloudflare.

Suspension notice? What did it say?

The Cloudflare account associated with this email address, [redacted], has been suspended for a possible Terms of Service violation. Cloudflare’s Terms of Service are available at …

This account suspension does not impact, disable, or remove your current services. This does block the addition of new domains to your Cloudflare account while this matter is under review.

If you have any questions regarding this suspension please contact Cloudflare’s Trust & Safety team at [redacted] to discuss this action.

I have no idea how we would have violated any terms of service. Our sites are all in the professional services realm and are for established local businesses (architecture, plumbing, local trades, engineering, a local author, manufacturing ).

These are the domains that have been migrated to cloudflare so far:
millermetge dot com
urstudio dot com
urlog dot in (a backend site for urstudio)
urwinc dot com (used just for business admin email for urstudio)
zebrago dot io
cr8parts dot com
ponds9 dot io (and pond9 dot io)
alissemetge dot com

(it wouldn’t let me post with the actual domain names)
I don’t know how any of these would be in violation of their terms.

Contact [redacted].

I will assume you haven’t and are totally on the up and up. Cloudflare could have flagged you inadvertently because of %reasons% but the [redacted] team is the only one that can address your issue.

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I already contacted them. Unfortunately it’s a free account so I probably won’t get a response. I tried setting up a paid account, but it wouldn’t let me because of the suspension.

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Free or Enterprise @ $200k a month in theory they are processed the same.

That’s cool that Cloudflare actually responds to free accounts. Unfortunately with our scheduled migration this weekend we’ll need another DNS proxy service until cloudflare gets this resolved. Any recommendations? We need something that can quickly switch back to the old server if we run into migration issues (as opposed to GoDaddy that could take hours).

Does this impact a domain not already migrated?

If it does… this is a 7 Ps issue which makes it hard to resolve in short order.

Changing nameservers at the last minute is fraught with issues even of things go well.

I was able to set up a second Cloudflare account and get the new proxy DNS set up. I’ll just have to figure out how to merge the two Cloudflare accounts or just move the domain again if they are able to resolve the suspension on the main account. This is not a last-minute change. I was supposed to start the DNS proxy process at noon today when I ran into this issue. We also ported 9 of the other domains prior to ensure we knew how this all worked and are confident in the process. We have until Monday at 7:00 a.m. to have it up and running and we’ll be keeping the DNS proxy pointed to the old server until then. Even if something goes awry we can keep it pointed to the old server through next week. We will be keeping the old server and hosting company for at least another month to verify that everything is working as it should on the new server.

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