My account domain is offline

is it because it is being still transferred to CF ?

Possibly. What’s your domain?

Which stage in this tutorial are you at?

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all I see Transfer in progress

What is your domain?

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I dont want to say the domain name.



Then let me quickly ponder my ord.

# ## pondering orb ...

ähhmm ..
so so..

# ## finished pondering orb

Yes, I got it! It is because something went wrong somewhere :slight_smile:
This is as precise as any help will get without ANY info.

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I am asking is it because of the transfer or not

Maybe. …maybe not.
Sorry but how should we, in the community know? We don’t see your account, nor anything else. We just can work with the info you give us. And so far is solely was: “Something doesn’t work”.

If you want direct support from Cloudflare please consider a paid plan, best would be business if you want a swift response.

Try doing that with any professional.

Mr Plumber, my house not work. - Mr Dentist, teethy hurt.

A hike, you will take, young padawan

Also, additionally to @cherryjimbo’s question, you did not fill out the form you were shown when you posted.

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Person A: Mr. Banker, since you are working in the financial sector, I have a question!
Person B: How may I help you, what is your question?
Person A: I don’t say, just give me the answer!


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